Pre Spring Clearance

We only hold three major sales events each year and this is the first.   The next will be our annual Parking Lot Sale for Charity in July or August, and the last is our storewide Anniversary sale in November.

This week end we’re making room for new consignments by pricing larger furniture items, winter coats, men’s clothing and some shelf items on sale.

If you are new to Armadillo you’ll need to know that we feature an automatic mark down system. It’s important to know because you’ll add the discount of the item for that day to the discount we’re giving you. As an example an item marked at 10% off may already be discounted 25% so you get 35% off!  In some cases, you’ll see discounts of up to 50% or more.

You’ll shop early for the coolest stuff, we have delivery options for you, and keep watch here for the mid-century consignment headed our way!


We Want What You Want

Most conversations regarding consignment begin with “what kinds of things do you take”.
To us, the answer comes easily, but to you it may not be as obvious so here’s a clip of the styles and quality we are most interested in.

It might also be helpful to know that we’ve based our reputation on consigning items that are the most sought after,  are in ready to use condition, and which coincide with current trends.  In short, we want what you want!

Call us with your questions at  206.363.6700