Current Inventory & More To Come

If you’ve visited the store in the last few weeks you know that our inventory is about as interesting as its ever been.  The pictorial is a good sampling of what you’ll find this week.  And for the remainder of the week, we’re giving you an additional 10% off your purchases so you could realize up to 35% of an original price!  Also, we’re in the Chinook Book, we have a generous layaway plan and we’re the only men’s consignment in Seattle.

Don’t like what you see this week?  Not a problem.  I’m looking at two consignments that should arrive by mid June that include mid century furniture, stereo equipment, flat screen televisions, Dyson vacuum cleaners and Apple products.  We’ll post their arrivals here first, giving YOU first shot at them.

Two other things.  First, our clothing selection has gone berserk!  We’ve seen an unprecedented influx of better than average clothing and shoe labels.  We think you’ll be impressed by what you’ll find. Shop today for the best selection – it’s going very quickly.

Secondly, you have been asking about our annual parking lot event.  It’s become our most popular sale (we only do three of this nature each year). Announcements on how you can participate will follow soon.

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Out Of The Closet


Pronunciation: /ˈkläzit/

a)     a cupboard or wardrobe, especially one tall enough to walk into.

b)     a small room, especially one used for storing things or for private study.

I recall the story of a boy who lived in a town where there was going to be a parade coming down the street where he worked. He worked in a grocery store and despite pleading with the owner to leave the shop only for a few minutes to get a better look, the answer was no.  After much discussion a compromise was struck that he could watch the parade as long as he could touch the door of the shop.  Deal!

The parade came, he stood in the doorway touching the door and watching but as time progressed he could not get a view to his liking because of the crowd that had formed. Then he got the idea to unhinge the door and take it with him down the block.  Of course when he returned the store was completely cleaned out. Right!

And so it is with your closet or other storage spaces. Just because they are organized or full of things that are behind a closed door does not mean what is in them is there because of a wise choice.

I’m fortunate to have a walk in closet.  In my closet I have multiples of shoes, shirts, suits you name it.  Yet, I only wear so many of them and the rest I sort through to get to the ones I want to wear! The best example are my printed tee shirts.  I have like twenty of them, some of which I wear maybe 2 or 3 times a year.  The space it takes the clutter it makes and massaging isn’t worth it.  Why?  Because space means wasted time.  I’m resolved to thinning the stack.

Think about this.  If you work five days a week and spend even three minutes a day picking through things that’s fifteen minutes.  Try going to your closet on the sixth day and just standing there for that fifteen minutes and let me know what you think.

Take control of your closet. One good strategy for things on hangers is to put them on the pole facing you.  At the end of say a month or maybe two if you like, what remains facing backwards should be a high candidate for removal.

Shoes and handbags?  We hear women say all the time (tiredly) how many purses and shoes they have.  If the boyfriend or husband had an equal number of basketballs they would think him a nut job.

Try strategizing your wardrobe. Invest in the timeless character and quality of a few high end handbags and shoes and the clutter will take care of itself.  Here’s another thought.  Let’s say the average pair of shoes on sale is around $30.00.  At 10 that’s $300.00.  The most asked to be seen handbag in our store right now is a black and very snappy Furla.  Price?  $195.00.  We sold a Cartier not long ago for about the same amount. The balance of over $100.00 has to be a nice pair of shoes, three if you are a savvy consignment store shopper.

Men, unless you wear a suit everyday you only need maybe two or three in Seattle – but you do need them.  A blue one, a darker one (gray or black) and one of your choice that is winter weight.  This covers business, burials, and dinner year round.

None of us need 15 tee shirts.

Save time and money by having a strategy which isn’t buying because it’s on sale.  Have a plan for what going into and coming out of your closet and enjoy the favorable savings of time and money.

Last up … sacred ground … my kitchen.