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Booted The Bags and Bagged The Boots

P1030107 P1030108


I own eight pieces of luggage (yes the ones in the photo all belong to me) including an REI day/backpack, two leather totes, a canvas tote, a 27” hard side spinner, a carry on, a North Face duffel bag and a suit bag.  Some were chosen out of an immediate need, others because they were a good bargain.  Then there is the “cool” factor  like the North Face duffel bag I bought because of the logo but that I really had little use for. You’ve been there.  Side by side you’d pay more for the same bag rather than buy one labeled Luggage Pride even at ½ the price.

Anyhow the bags stacked up until one day the light came on and Minimal Me got serious.  I ditched all the bags except the carry on.  It’s served me well many times as the others took up space in my closet. If I have enough clothing for two bags, I’ll combine them into one and for that I now have a soft side that is larger but lighter than the hard side.

I’ll grant you the convenience of a spinning luggage (and were nibbling at cool again) but spinning means hardware, hardware means weight and weight means money.  Fly that bag twice and you just purchased it from yourself.  Wheels are wheels … they need to roll … not spin.  The soft side is also less prone to damage, it has wheels, plus as a bonus, it’s red and much easier to locate on the luggage carousel.  Eight bags are now two.

The boots are even a more courageous story because it involves sentimentality.

Years ago I bought a pair of boots made by St. Moritz.  I won’t tell you how long ago, but I will tell you that I bought them at a Montgomery Ward store which was at the time the flagship store in a little mall in Portsmouth New Hampshire. Okay, I bought them in 1976.

It was my first winter ever and I needed a good pair of snow boots. These all leather (inside and out) boots exceeded my expectations.  They have taken me through many a winter, stood every test, kept my feet warm and have not broken down much despite the abuse I’ve meted out.  My after ski, rain and even work boot.  I kept them partially because of their quality but also out of loyalty.

Then I came across a pair of Lacrosse, Crosstech Fireman’s boots.  Features: Steel toe, steel shin, pull on rather than lace up, quilted inside. Vibram sole.  Waterproof. No comparison.

Even as I was paying for the better technology, I felt like I was hitting on my girlfriends friend at her 20th year high school reunion.  But it was a decent upgrade, so I’ll claim I had too much to drink and promise to never do it again. I promise.

Minimal decision-making looks something like this:

1) Look for opportunities to downsize into practical.  Understand changing trends and respond to them. It costs to check bags now and that cost can go up based on weight.  The bags I kept will easily fill the need of the bags I’ll get rid of, take up 1/3 the space and may not cost as much to check.

2) It’s okay to be sentimental, but it’s perfectly fine to upgrade when the right deal comes along. Girlfriends aside.

3) The bags, will be sold or donated and the extra pair of boots will make a much wiser passenger in my trunk than do a set of golf clubs. (See my previous post)

Next up, watches and desks.