Mid-Century Arrived Today



New Arrival

It’s from a builder and its in great shape! 


Mid-Century Expected

It’s not been confirmed yet … but we hope to receive five rooms of mid century furniture this Friday.  Awesome and authentic.  The owners are making one more pass, so I won’t show you everything, but even if we get half of what I previewed it will be a consignment you’ll want to consider.

See us Saturday for the answer!


Expected This Week End

We expect this consignment in by the week end. You may preview it Saturday of Sunday, but please give us until the beginning of next week to make it ready for sale.

Also we just received a king size Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze. Practically new this is a gem!

Expected Soon – Borge Mogensen

We expect to receive four if these, and possibly a table as well. We expect them in about a week or two.

Expected soon. No Date 

We hope to have these items in our store by the end of January or 1 February   

Expected Soon