Fifth Annual Parking Lot Sale For Charity!

It’s the one you have been asking about and it’s coming in August.

Each year Armadillo Consignment hosts a parking lot sale for charity. This will be the fifth year that we invite our neighbors (you) to purchase a 10 x 10 stall for $10.00 and bring whatever they want to sell. At the end of the day we ask for a 10% donation of all sales and Armadillo Consignment matches those donations to support two local charities (suggested by you and chosen at random when you register).

Like last year, we’ll be clearing out our storage area of tools, shelving, clothing and more, and  we expect organizers and stagers to attend.  It’s an important note because we have commercial grade fixtures and our stagers typically have great inventory including art, lighting, linens and furniture that has never been put to use for other than staging.

Spaces available to the public for this fun and popular event are limited so now’s your chance to grab one! Only 10 -15 will be made available and will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. Confirm yours today with your $10.00 fee ($20.00 for business owners for a 20 x 20 stall). Also, we may agree to consign some of what you don’t sell, and other details will be sent once you’ve signed up. Spaces go quickly, and we’ll promote this on our Facebook page so don’t delay if you want to participate!

Mark the date now: Saturday August 3rdfrom 9:00 – 2:00 (ish).


Happy Hour Sale Event Saturday June 15th

Looking for something to bump up Father’s Day a tad?  You just found it!

It’s Our First Happy Hour Sale Event!

It’s this Saturday

It’s this Simple

Saturday June 15th, from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.

  • All furniture (with a few exceptions)

  • All Dresses

  • All Men’s Clothing

Will be on sale for 25% off!

Think about it – You in a hot dress, dad in a new with tags Tommy Bahama shirt, on your new sofa.


G. Norman sofa (the beige with circles) today $725.99 Happy Hour Priced at $543.00 (Save $182.00)

Michael Kors Silk Shift $30.99 – 25% = 23.24 (Save $7.75)

Tommy Bahama Silk Shirt 42.99 – 25% = $32.24 (Save $10.75)

The other stuff:

  • No holds, no layaways, and no other discounts will apply.

  • Furniture must be removed by Wednesday or will be subject to at $15.00 per day storage fee. Yes!  We have an attractive delivery option.

  • If you’ve consigned an item subject to the deep discount, we’ll still pay you 50% of what you would have made prior to the sale! Maybe a reason to forward our notice to your friends?

There’s more: The first five people who make a purchase and Like us on Facebook while they are in the store will receive a bar of triple milled grapefruit soap!

Finally, our blog is where we’ll be posting information about the yearly parking lot sale for charity soon.  You will not want to miss this neighborhood seasonal event.  Tons of funs and tons of bargains! Follow us here or Like us on Facebook to receive the most current information about this community event.

We’ll see you Saturday!

It’s Either Here, On The Way, Or Gone!

Have a look at what’s here and on the way!

The Center of The Universe

It’s where you vote, make tough decisions, entertain, argue, meet, love, share, find comfort, impress  and sometimes fail  – Your Kitchen.

Different from every room in your home it’s ground zero, the most dangerous and the safest. It’s the neutral zone where most are welcome; it’s rarely off limits and always open. It is the most expensive and often the most neglected.

On my counter I have a Cusinart food processor and coffee maker, and a Kitchenaide blender, toaster and stand mixer.  My cupboards hold a set of copper bottom Belgique stainless steel pots and pans, a cast iron skillet and a Calphalon roaster. I can seat six for dinner and I have about a dozen hand utensils.  All my spices fit on two shelves.  There are other sundries. This is what works for me and it’s really all I want or need.

As I considered this my last post on minimalism, I decided early on that of all the rooms I dare not dissect too much, it would be the kitchen. In fact I invite you to consider only two things as you consider yours.  First, your kitchen should be efficient.  You work there so make the job as easy as possible.  It’s the reason I invested in better quality appliances and cook ware and all but the Cuisinart were used or refurbished.

Second if your table is there, it can be a desk, but it should not be treated as a file cabinet.  It’s where notes are passed, keys are left, exchanges occur and negotiations take place.  Keep it accessible and don’t be afraid to invest in one that meets the needs of your lifestyle. And that’s it!

Just do what you do in your kitchen.  Chances are you already have discovered that it’s at the center of your universe and by definition, it’s already where it needs to be and doing what it’s supposed to do – for you.  Besides, anything I would add would probably end up under the sink.


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