We Couldn’t Be More Proud!

This came to us out of the blue and we’re thrilled to have been recognized.


Many (many) thanks to Lindsy Russell-Mitchell, Ronna Detrick, Jessica Bray and LeAnne Ngyuen for making this possible.  You may not know or always see it, but they worked very hard to represent you and of course by extension our store.

We’re thankful that you’ve allowed us to be your store for almost ten years, and we look forward to our continuing relationship with you.

Wayne Stephens
Armadillo Consignment, Inc.


Happy Hour ….

Yes … it’s Happy Hour again and and when you’ll get the best deals we have to offer.  It’s also a reminder that we’ll be receiving a very high end modern consignment on the 25th.

The sale is Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 – 12 then 4 – 6.

Spend $50.00 or more an additional 20% off up to $100 off any purchase in the store.

Here’s a link … to take a peek at what’s coming on the 25th.

Here’s our number if you have any questions … (206) 363-6700

See you soon!