Enter to win a $100 Gift Certificate

August 27th, will mark our tenth year anniversary.  We can scarce believe it … and we thank you for your continued support.

As we’ve been considering how to celebrate the occasion (which we usually do in November) we thought about the thousands of customers and sales we’ve made over the years.

Here is where you and more importantly your story come in.

We know many of you are loyal shoppers and in fact you’ve furnished your homes, filled your closets or carry a handbag (or two) we’ve sold you.  We’re pretty proud of that and we’re hoping you’ll want to share your story about them.

Send us at least two photos of anything you’ve purchased from us along with a brief summary of your experience with us.  Talk about how your’e putting it to use, maybe what your friends and family have had to say about it or just talk about how it fits into your life.

We’ll feature your story on our blog and in addition all submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $100.00 gift certificate which we’ll raffle off at our annual anniversary party in November.

We’ll identify you by your first name only, no other personal information will be shared and we reserve the right to make minor grammatical edits.

This is a project we’re really excited about and we hope you’ll join us in what we hope will be a lot of fun!



Parking Lot Sale!


                           PARKING LOT


                      Smalls $1.50 per lb

                                                Deep Discounts on Other Items

                                       Saturdays       5th    12th    19th (If needed)

                                                             10:00 a.m. – 3 p.m.  

                                       All sales final.  No Exchanges.  No Holds.     

                                                        206.947.8828 for Details                          

Details – Day of A Thousand Totes

Wow!  Your response to our post regarding the parking lot sale was overwhelming!

We haven’t decided on all the details but we  HAVE decided to hold the sale on successive week ends – most likely the first three Saturdays in August.

For those of you who have joined us in the past, we’ll make special arrangements for one or two of  you to join us each day.

Keep watch here, follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter for details.



Day Of A Thousand Totes …

Okay well … maybe not 1,000 but ….
Last year we cleared a hoarder house and from it we took boxes and boxes and boxes of you name it.  School supplies, cleaning supplies, tools (a bunch) and electronics.

This leads us to our annual parking lot sale which is where you’ll find these items and (waaaaait forrrrrr iiiiit) they will be sold by the pound!

Yep … you come … you fill a tote … we weigh it … you take it all.

Minimum purchase will apply … leave the tote and it’s extra … Are you getting the impression we want it all gone?

Finally … have a look at what’s on our floor ( https://youtu.be/KIJlLamp8cU ).  Pretty cool stuff and we expect an Eames shipment this Sunday.

See you soon!

40% – 60% Off chairs, lamps & art.

A really easy way to remodel that’s fun and affordable.  We have lots of high-quality art, better quality lamps, and chairs are only used for staging.  It’s worth a look!

Expected Next Thursdsy

Should be on our floor by Thursday. 

Bauhaus Norwegian 

8′ x 78″. Beginning at 1800.00