Details – Day of A Thousand Totes

Wow!  Your response to our post regarding the parking lot sale was overwhelming!

We haven’t decided on all the details but we  HAVE decided to hold the sale on successive week ends – most likely the first three Saturdays in August.

For those of you who have joined us in the past, we’ll make special arrangements for one or two of  you to join us each day.

Keep watch here, follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter for details.



Day Of A Thousand Totes …

Okay well … maybe not 1,000 but ….
Last year we cleared a hoarder house and from it we took boxes and boxes and boxes of you name it.  School supplies, cleaning supplies, tools (a bunch) and electronics.

This leads us to our annual parking lot sale which is where you’ll find these items and (waaaaait forrrrrr iiiiit) they will be sold by the pound!

Yep … you come … you fill a tote … we weigh it … you take it all.

Minimum purchase will apply … leave the tote and it’s extra … Are you getting the impression we want it all gone?

Finally … have a look at what’s on our floor ( ).  Pretty cool stuff and we expect an Eames shipment this Sunday.

See you soon!

40% – 60% Off chairs, lamps & art.

A really easy way to remodel that’s fun and affordable.  We have lots of high-quality art, better quality lamps, and chairs are only used for staging.  It’s worth a look!

Expected Next Thursdsy

Should be on our floor by Thursday. 

Bauhaus Norwegian 

8′ x 78″. Beginning at 1800.00

3700 SF of inventory !

Being Delivered Now! 

We Couldn’t Be More Proud!

This came to us out of the blue and we’re thrilled to have been recognized.


Many (many) thanks to Lindsy Russell-Mitchell, Ronna Detrick, Jessica Bray and LeAnne Ngyuen for making this possible.  You may not know or always see it, but they worked very hard to represent you and of course by extension our store.

We’re thankful that you’ve allowed us to be your store for almost ten years, and we look forward to our continuing relationship with you.

Wayne Stephens
Armadillo Consignment, Inc.