Two Tips …

It’s been awhile, and I’m a little rusty but it’s late and I want to get this out so please bear with me.  Here are a couple of tips.

First, many of you who use our online system to track your sales (as far as we know, we’re the only consignment store that gives you that option) had difficulty knowing when the consignment period ended, especially when you consigned several times within a few months.  We’ve solved that problem by putting a note Consignment ends on XXXXXX following the detail for each of your items.  Now you shouldn’t have any problems keeping track of your end date!

Secondly I found out today about a workshop that’s right in line with our mission. Alyce Page the owner of Serendipity by Design will be hosting this informative workshop this Thursday.  A colleague for many years, I can tell you that her work as a stager / organizer is above reproach.  Here are a few details.  Click the link to view the flyer (sorry … I didn’t have time to convert this before my blog deadline).

Organizer and feng shui expert, Alyce Page, joins with spiritual healer, Emily Paul, for a collaborative evening of laughter and letting go. Utilizing the strength and inner joy of laughter meditation, we will explore the energetic perspectives of letting go to create new space in our lives for what nourishes and supports us. Each participant is invited to bring a box of belongings they would like to let go.View the PDF for more information  >>>  laughter and the art of letting go Sep2015


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