The Center of The Universe

It’s where you vote, make tough decisions, entertain, argue, meet, love, share, find comfort, impress  and sometimes fail  – Your Kitchen.

Different from every room in your home it’s ground zero, the most dangerous and the safest. It’s the neutral zone where most are welcome; it’s rarely off limits and always open. It is the most expensive and often the most neglected.

On my counter I have a Cusinart food processor and coffee maker, and a Kitchenaide blender, toaster and stand mixer.  My cupboards hold a set of copper bottom Belgique stainless steel pots and pans, a cast iron skillet and a Calphalon roaster. I can seat six for dinner and I have about a dozen hand utensils.  All my spices fit on two shelves.  There are other sundries. This is what works for me and it’s really all I want or need.

As I considered this my last post on minimalism, I decided early on that of all the rooms I dare not dissect too much, it would be the kitchen. In fact I invite you to consider only two things as you consider yours.  First, your kitchen should be efficient.  You work there so make the job as easy as possible.  It’s the reason I invested in better quality appliances and cook ware and all but the Cuisinart were used or refurbished.

Second if your table is there, it can be a desk, but it should not be treated as a file cabinet.  It’s where notes are passed, keys are left, exchanges occur and negotiations take place.  Keep it accessible and don’t be afraid to invest in one that meets the needs of your lifestyle. And that’s it!

Just do what you do in your kitchen.  Chances are you already have discovered that it’s at the center of your universe and by definition, it’s already where it needs to be and doing what it’s supposed to do – for you.  Besides, anything I would add would probably end up under the sink.


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