Current Inventory & More To Come

If you’ve visited the store in the last few weeks you know that our inventory is about as interesting as its ever been.  The pictorial is a good sampling of what you’ll find this week.  And for the remainder of the week, we’re giving you an additional 10% off your purchases so you could realize up to 35% of an original price!  Also, we’re in the Chinook Book, we have a generous layaway plan and we’re the only men’s consignment in Seattle.

Don’t like what you see this week?  Not a problem.  I’m looking at two consignments that should arrive by mid June that include mid century furniture, stereo equipment, flat screen televisions, Dyson vacuum cleaners and Apple products.  We’ll post their arrivals here first, giving YOU first shot at them.

Two other things.  First, our clothing selection has gone berserk!  We’ve seen an unprecedented influx of better than average clothing and shoe labels.  We think you’ll be impressed by what you’ll find. Shop today for the best selection – it’s going very quickly.

Secondly, you have been asking about our annual parking lot event.  It’s become our most popular sale (we only do three of this nature each year). Announcements on how you can participate will follow soon.

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