Big “Fat” Lie


I lied. Well sort of.

I told you my next post was going to be about boots and luggage. It isn’t, but it’s coming in a couple of days. This post is just as important however, because it explains why I’m gritting my teeth – at myself. My flaking enamel may be your gain.

I own two complete sets of golf clubs. Wilson Fat Shafts and Pings. I’ve had the Wilsons for a while and bought the Pings during vacation just over a year ago. I shipped them back from California (at an extra fee) then decided I needed a new driver which I also bought.

To my credit I decided to sell the extra set but a few months passed and none of it sold. I then decide (pay very careful attention here) to put them in the trunk of my car in case a) I decided to go to the driving range or play, or; b) in case someone visits me who does not have a set, then I’d have a set to loan them.

Really? (Said as though your girlfriend caught you putting the milk bottle back in the refer with 1/16” of an inch of milk left). Let’s drive a set of golf clubs around or keep a set for a visitor. Say it slowly…I’m shaking my head.

Are you guilty of that kind of thinking?

I played golf approximately six times in the past two years and I have never, in the twenty years I’ve been playing, had someone visit who needed to borrow a set of freaking golf clubs!

Perhaps you’ll gain by the benefit of my conversion:

Benefit A: Take my advice and stop thinking you will use it, if you have another set/pair/item. You won’t. You. Just. Wont. Okay?

Benefit B: I have a set of Wilson Fat Shafts (1 – 9 and P/W).  I also have a 9.5 degree Taylor Made driver and two fairly pedestrian Spalding woods. If you need a set of clubs, they are yours. Want to pay me? Fine. Don’t want to pay me? Fine. Maybe you’ll trade me for a decent fairway wood? No, I don’t have one.

My only condition is that they do not fall into the “one day” I’m (xyz) category. If you take them, you or someone you know will use them. Otherwise I’ll donate them to a youth league or a Goodwill.

And by the way, here’s Benefit C: You know which stores, like Goodwill and Value Village, are actually non-profits and which are not, right? Know this before you donate!

Up next, as promised: boots and luggage.


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