Well Suited …

Let’s face it, what you wear tells a story. 

A woman just left my store who as it turns our sells life insurance.  She was wearing black heels, a black skirt with lace around the hem, and a nice multi-colored jacket.  Crisp. Professional.   

Contrast that with the guy who came in several weeks ago, wanting to develop real estate leads.  Brown shoes that needed to be polished, gray pinstripe slacks that needed to be pressed, a purple shirt and black belt.  I won’t describe the coat – it wouldn’t be fair.

Any idea of whose name I probably won’t pass along?

Don’t let my khaki pants and Polo shirts fool you, I was once one of the best dressed men in the building. 

Why?  Because I knew it would get me noticed and that it gave me an edge over men around me who couldn’t be bothered to invest in a few nice pair of slacks and to keep their shoes polished.   

Too many men look for nice clothes when the job interview is offered, a week before senior prom, or at the last minute for a wedding.  And here’s what happens.  Because styles change they have very little notion of what’s current or where to find it at a reasonable price.  So, they head to a major retailer, who tells them – at a steep price.  

Come on guys (and the dolls who help keep them dressed): not taking the time to bump up your wardrobe until you need to is like giving away leads without knowing it.  The truth is that  people are already looking so give them something to appreciate!

And here’s another reason to not wait:  Today through next Monday you’ll save 15% – 50% on men’s fashion items.  From Facconable and Tommy Bahama to Hugo Boss and Armani, you may just find what you need at consignment rather than retail prices.

2 Comments on “Well Suited …”

  1. Sheila McLean says:

    Wayne! Just found you and was glancing through the website. Spectacular! (And I can totally vouch for you having been the best dressed man in the building!)

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