A is for Armadillo

So why the name Armadillo Consignment?

Simple answer – is that I wanted to sort as high as I could on any alphabetical lists, so I wanted a name that began with an A.

Now, there certainly is AA, but another group has that name and Aardvark sounded too obvious. Apple uh no. And then one night I literally woke up with Armadillo Consignment on my  mind.  A little light hearted, not too obvious and easy to remember because we don’t have any in the Northwest.  And would you have believed that the web address was still available?  It was meant to be!

So there you have it. A business plan based on surplus property, and a name chosen by an anticipated sort order.  I’m laughing as I type this.  The rest is history!

We’re working on some pretty cool blog posts – full of great information for the green in you.  If you have a topic you would like to know more about regarding recycling, staging, or consignment, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

If you have any questions regarding our inventory or consignment, call us at 206.363.6700.


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